Notable Projects

Department of Mineral Resources - Maitland NSW

Structural Design of the Department of Mineral Resources in Maitland. A 4 level building constructed of precast concrete columns, walls and cast-in place suspended slabs. The engagement included detailed shop drawings for the precast works. Project Value $12m.

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Paul Keating Park - Bankstown NSW

Project management - design and construction of new community park in Bankstown CBD. The new park now occupies the previous council chambers which burned to the ground in 1997.

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Roadhound Electronics Pty Ltd

Design & Project Management of the construction of Roadhound Electronics Pty Ltd at Cardiff (precast concrete building). Project Value $5m.

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Precast Concrete Housing

Burke Engineering Services patents a complete system including concrete footings and specialised erection techniques.

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Training Facilities for Life and Rescue International

Design of new office and training facilities for Life and Rescue International (tilt-up panel construction) at Newcastle. Project Value $0.75m.

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Police Infringement Bureau - Maitland NSW

Design of the new Police Infringement Processing Bureau at Maitland (tilt up building). Project Value $8m.

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Warehouse Portside - Wickham NSW

Design of 12 commercial warehouses at Wickham. Project value $1.2m.

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Factory Expansion - Nowra NSW

Design & Project Management of the construction of the building shell for a factory expansion at Nowra. The building contains the tallest concrete Tilt Panels constructed in Australia to date. Project Value $5m.

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Bulky Goods Warehouse Complex - Tuggerah NSW

Design of a bulky goods warehouse complex at Tuggerah (tilt-up building). Project Value $5m.

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